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Efficient and Safe Tree Removal Services in Houston

Tree Trimming

You can cut down trees as needed to maintain their appearance and health and to remove potentially dangerous dead branches and other common problems.

Cutting Tree Roots

You should cut the roots of trees only when absolutely necessary. If you just want to remove unprotected roots for aesthetic purposes, you should reconsider.


Tree pruning and tree trimming and to full lot clearing, and removal of whole trees and stumps.

Tree Removal Services

Expert removal of trees. Owned And Operated Providing Free Estimates. Services: Tree TrimmingTree Pruning.

Residential Services

Tree Removal Services In Houston To Help Keep Your Yard Safe & Beautiful. Contact Us Now!

Tree Trimming

Tree Removal

Tree Pruning

Tree Care Professionals

Land Clearing

Stump Grinding

Affordable and fully insured

Tree Pruning and Trimming

Tree Service Down the Line

Tree Removal and Log Removal

Stump Removal and Grinding

Lot Clearing

Commercial Arborist

Commercial tree services we can develop an affordable plan for regular maintenance or a one-time service of trees on your commercial property. Affordable Tree Removal Rates and Reliable Commercial Tree Care Service.

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Tree Removal Houston has been in the business of removing dead and decaying trees surrounding Houston residences for over 20 years and because of it we have had the opportunity to test and perfect our tree removal methods, allowing us to assure you of safe, hassle-free tree removal.

Only a Certified Professional Arborist, like Tree Removal Houston, can properly diagnose and treat your trees properly:

  • Insect infestations such as termites.
  • Trees restricting or are dangerously close to power lines, roofs or other portions of and around your home.
  • Dead or dying trees are a result of severe weather conditions.
  • Mold and mildew have formed and are eating away at a tree’s body.
  • Swollen areas are located at the base of tree trunks.
  • Trees obstructing newly constructed homes or those in the process of completion.
  • Decayed, cavity-filled, cracked, or split trunks or branches.

As expert arborists who truly look out for you and your home’s needs, we make sure to take your every concern into account. Tree Removal Houston constantly challenges itself to go above and beyond industry standards and to provide only the best in tree removal service that a Houston homeowner such as yourself may require.

Arbor Care Tree Service, Houston Tx, The Woodlands, Cypress, Spring Tx, Tomball, Clear Lake, Cypress, Heights Houston, Friendswood, Humble, Kingwood, Tomball, Katy Tx, League City, Memorial, Pearland, Missouri City, River Oaks, Sugar Land, Conroe.


Why Choose Tree Removal Houston?

Houston homeowner, you may have, at some point, consider whether you should keep or get rid of the dead trees surrounding your home. Experts will tell you that a healthy tree can easily add to the value of your property for the simple reason that they add a certain degree of beauty and comfort to the area. Of course, the opposite is also true for improperly managed trees as they may easily pose a danger to you, to your loved ones, and to your property.

Here is where Tree Removal Houston can help. It takes a licensed arborist to accurately verify the health of the trees and determine whether they can be maintained and groomed to become assets to your home or if it is necessary to get rid of them to prevent dangerous situations in the future.

Expect Only Excellent Service

At Tree Service, we take pride in the level of attention and aid that we offer our clients.

From your first attempt to get in touch with us, you can be sure to receive a prompt answer from our agents. Setting up an appointment with Tree Removal Houston is easy! In fact, it takes mere minutes for our company representatives to respond to all inquiries, unlike other companies who will leave you waiting for days.

On the date of the appointment and once the assessment has been made, a qualified arborist from the Tree Removal Houston team will swiftly give you a quote on-site, which you will find is very detailed, compared to what the competition offers.

How Much Do Tree Services Cost in Houston?

Living in Houston most definitely has its benefits, yet among the drawbacks can be that trees require a lot of normal maintenance in order to stay healthy and balanced. Tornadoes and solid winds can tear down branches, which will call for expert assistance to eliminate. If you need any type of sort of pruning, cutting, trimming or elimination, ensure you recognize the ordinary price quotes to make sure that you do not get overcharged for the work.


How Much Does Tree Removal Cost?

Houston residents can anticipate paying an average of $600 to remove trees from their residential property. Dead trees that are currently dropped will be somewhat cheaper, usually, and large trees that need to be chopped down will certainly be more costly. If you additionally want the timber got rid of, plan to pay additional for the additional job. The differing cost variety Houston citizens ought to prepare for is a high quote of $1150 and a low quote of $415.

How Much Does Stump Removal Cost?

Grinding a stump might appear easy, but it calls for equipment that can bone up at the wood without removing the entire root system. In Houston, stump grinding will certainly set you back homeowners anywhere from $95 to $155. Certainly, the dimension of the stump will establish the precise rate. Stump elimination, on the other hand, is a harder procedure due to the origins as well as the circumference of the stump. This will certainly set you back in between $380 and also $450, though it will certainly take less time to do than grinding the stump to timber chips.

Ordinary Cost for Tree Upkeep in Houston

Cutting a tree is among the much more expensive jobs in Houston. Trees under 20 feet will be the least expensive, and the price boosts with the elevation of the tree along with its distance to power lines. Expect to pay $495 usually to maintain your trees, with the cost going up for bigger backyards or taller trees. If you have shorter trees with fewer branches, it will most likely cost less than the standard. If you have trees near power lines, it will certainly cost even more. The cost range will certainly be between $405 and also $587 for these instances.

What are the Tree Removal Rules?

Prior to you can eliminate a tree near to the road or one that is located on a utility easement, you will certainly require to get authorization from the Houston Parks and also Recreation Department. Keep in mind that this uses even if the tree is entirely on your personal property. If you require to have unsafe branches or dead trees eliminated that are on city property, just call the 311 Houston Service Center to have personnel appear at your residential or commercial property at no charge.

The Parks as well as Recreation Division for this Texas city recommends that trees are planted in between November as well as February. This is additionally the most effective time to remove trees given that many are inactive throughout the winter in Houston.


Which Trees Thrive Naturally in Houston’s Climate?

The sort of trees that will certainly thrive in Houston’s environment are commonly those that are belonging to the area. This ensures that the trees will certainly need very little focus and can handle the soil conditions and also the weather conditions of Texas. Green Houston recommends growing trees like online oak, cedar elm, American elm, eco-friendly ash, and also magnolia, all of which have been in the area for centuries.

In spite of the warm as well as completely dry soil, there are a variety of fruit trees that can thrive in the area. The Houston Chronicle suggests expanding mangoes, guava, celebrity fruit, and figs.

With correct care, nearly any type of tree can flourish in the city. However, it deserves keeping in mind that dry spells and also warmth can eliminate trees, as well as in 2012 as several as 300 million trees died in the location, according to the Houston Chronicle. Choose trees that do not call for substantial quantities of water and also won’t fall in solid winds.








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Trees are an integral part of our ecosystem and provide numerous benefits, including improving air quality, reducing soil erosion, and providing habitat for wildlife. However, there are times when trees need to be removed due to various reasons. Tree removal is a complex process that requires expertise, skill, and equipment. In this article, we will discuss tree removal, including the reasons for tree removal, the tree removal process, and the benefits of tree removal.

Reasons for Tree Removal:

There are various reasons why trees need to be removed. The most common reasons include:

  1. Hazardous Trees: Trees that are damaged, diseased, or have structural defects can pose a danger to people and property. These trees need to be removed to prevent any accidents or damage.
  2. Obstruction: Trees that obstruct roads, driveways, or sidewalks may need to be removed to allow for safe and unobstructed passage.
  3. Construction: Trees may need to be removed to make way for new construction, such as building a new home, road, or commercial building.
  4. Aesthetic: Trees may be removed for aesthetic reasons, such as to improve the appearance of a property.

The Tree Removal Process:

Tree removal is a complex process that requires expertise, skill, and equipment. Here are the steps involved in the tree removal process:

  1. Assessment: The first step in the tree removal process is to assess the tree’s condition and the surrounding environment. This involves determining the tree’s size, location, and condition, as well as assessing any potential hazards or obstacles.
  2. Planning: Based on the assessment, a plan is developed for the safe and efficient removal of the tree. The plan takes into account the tree’s location, size, and condition, as well as the equipment and personnel required for the job.
  3. Pruning: Before the tree is removed, any branches that may pose a danger to people or property are pruned. This reduces the risk of accidents and damage during the removal process.
  4. Cutting: The tree is then cut down using specialized equipment, such as chainsaws and ropes. The tree is cut in sections to minimize the risk of accidents or damage.
  5. Removal: Once the tree is cut down, it is removed from the site using equipment such as a crane, truck, or chipper. The tree is either transported to a disposal site or processed into mulch.

Benefits of Tree Removal:

Tree removal has several benefits, including:

  1. Safety: Removing hazardous trees reduces the risk of accidents and damage to people and property.
  2. Convenience: Removing obstructing trees makes it easier to move around and access different areas.
  3. Aesthetics: Removing unsightly trees can improve the appearance of a property and enhance its value.
  4. Space: Removing trees can provide more space for new construction or other uses.
  5. Environmental: Removing diseased or invasive trees can help protect the environment by preventing the spread of pests or diseases.


Tree removal is a complex process that requires expertise, skill, and equipment. It is essential to hire a professional tree removal company to ensure that the tree is removed safely and efficiently. Removing hazardous trees reduces the risk of accidents and damage to people and property while removing obstructing trees makes it easier to move around and access different areas. Removing unsightly trees can improve the appearance of a property and enhance its value. Removing trees can provide more space for new construction or other uses, and removing diseased or invasive trees can help protect the environment. Learn more

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